Hungary Student Visa

About Hungary

Hungary is a country at the heart of Europe. Its capital, Budapest, is bisected by the Danube River. Its cityscape is studded with architectural landmarks from Buda’s medieval Castle Hill and grand neoclassical buildings along Pest’s Andrassy Avenue to the 19th-century Chain Bridge. Hungary has a wealth of culture and history, and its language istotally different. Therefore, it is said that Hungary is a land of great contrasts.

Hungary is land which has its neighbors like Austria, Slovakia and Serbia.Hungary has also earned the nickname “land of waters”, because of its largest lake in Europe which is Lake Balaton. Budapest which is itis split on the Western side by the Danube River and on the Eastern side by the Pest. As Hungary is located at a geo-thermic area it has a warm atmosphere and it also has almost thousand thermal water springs. It also includesLake Hévíz which is the second largest thermal Lake in the whole world.

Carpathian Basin which is considered as one of the largest continuous grasslands in Europe in its lower area Hungary is situated. In the depths of the Hungary It also consists of some fearless adventurers. In the Revolution of 1956 Hungary gained great international attention. In 1989 there was an influential opening of its border which was restricted in past. In the 19th century Hungarian became the official language of the country. Hungarian language was recommenced and was promoted to a literary level.


Hungary is a located in the Central Europe With a land area of 93,028 square km. From North to South It is about 250km and from East to West it is 524 km. It has almost 2,106 km of boundaries.Hungary has several high ranges of mountains, but there are 2% mountains which reaches heights of 300 m or more. Hungary’s highest point is Kékes which is 1,014 m in the Mátra Mountains which is in the northeast of Budapest. The lowest spot in Hungary is located in its south near Szeged which is above sea level and it is 77.6 m.

The Danube and Tisza are the major rivers in Hungary. Danube is navigable within Hungary for 418 kilometers and The Tisza is navigable for 444 km in the country. Hungary also has other two major lakes which includes Lake Balaton and Lake Velence. The Great Alföld, the Transdanubia, and the North Hungarian Mountains are the three major geographic regions of Hungary.

Hungary’s best Natural Resource is fertile land, but its quality differs a lot. About 70% of the country’s total territory is suitable for agriculture, and out of this 72% is arable land.Hungary has a mainly continental climate, where winters are somewhat cold and in summers it is Warm to hot. The average annual temperature in Hungary is almost 10 °C, and in summer it is 27 to 35 °C, and in winter it is 0 to −15 °C and Average yearly rainfall is about 600 mm. In Hungary its western part receives more rain than the eastern part.


Entry Requirement:

For admission to university or college course students have to consider entry requirements in Hungary. These consist mainly on a high school or bachelor diploma (for masters), language proficiency exam and entrance exam. If your first language is not English, and you will need to demonstrate your English language skills. If you apply for a foreign language course, then you’ll also need to show you have the required level of the given foreign language particularly English proficiency test.

In order to be considered an eligible applicant, you need to fulfil certain general criteria. Moreover, individual degree programmes may each have their own specific set of additional requirements. Therefore, you must always check the detailed entry requirements directly with the programme/institution you’re applying to.

Students who has not obtained a degree in Hungary are ranked based on their previous academic records when applying for a place at higher education institution. This ranking is based on the student’s SGPA or in other words grade point average from previous studies and even work experience if applying for specific programs that require it.

Been part of the education system in Hungary will be a challenging adventurous opportunity and you will earn a degree that will open many doors of opportunities for your future.