Spoken English

Since Nalanda Consultant came into Existence from 2004 it has guided more than 8000+ students of different age groups .

English is the second most spoken language across the world. It is the most common means of communication and official second language for European Union, United Nations and many other world organizations. The splendor and variant in spoken English is amazing. There is such huge difference in accent and pronunciation around the world but one thing in common, it is one such common language that brings people together across the world.

When you are planning to study, or for that matter even visit abroad you need to have basic knowledge of English. The fundamental objective is to understand communication with effective listening and speaking. Spoken English Program at Nalanda Consultant is one such course that essentially brings out the language skills in speaking.

People understand you by your speech so how can you ignore such an important part of your personality. Sometimes it happens that students know, understand but find it difficult to exactly express it. The Spoken English course is designed by experts keeping in view the various social and psychological aspects. You will be trained to speak fluently. This would include preparing you for speaking on the spot for various topics and also for interactive sessions and regular day to day conversations.

Spoken English classes are conducted creatively, involving students with learning and fun tricks making the process much less burdensome where everyone is comfortable and feels relaxed. Our faculties groom the student with basics like, understanding the concepts of grammar, improving vocabulary, correct sentence formation and maximizing your potential in key areas giving you complete freedom of expressing. The Spoken English course is ideal for students who need some extra training to get good IELTS score in speaking module, for students appearing for an embassy interview and for beginners. The course is delivered by British council certified faculties.


Each entire level of new interchange contains between 70 to 120 hours of class instruction time. For classes where more time is available, an elaborated learning for each unit is given through various interactive sessions and optional activities. The Spoken English classes covers grammar, conversation sessions, word power, writing exercise and reading paragraphs, listening activities, pronunciation, fluency exercise and snapshot graphical interpretation. You can spend extra hours with faculties for practicing, including complete access to library and lounge area. The course will develop and enhance effective public speaking, group discussions, and the correct attitude for facing interviews, aptitude and command over language. Complete mentoring is given with latest audio visual technology to bring out the best in each student.